Stats for Children’s Book, “Timothy’s Bath”

The cuddly bear, Timothy, is off to a great start. In the books first week it has made great strides. I look forward to the sales rank getting higher as the days and weeks go on.  Occasionally, I will post stats for the book every few weeks for the first month.


Amazon sales rank number: 1,875

Free Units Promo: 185


Sales Rank: 1,629

Free Units Promo: 337


Children’s book, “Timothy’s Bath,” is officially published!

It was a long labor of love, but my new book is finally here. It has been a very fun and at times stressful experience. Creating this book from scratch to seeing the final shade of color in place was an awesome experience. I enjoyed working with the artist,  collaborating ideas, and layout information. I am very much looking forward to breaking out the keyboard and working on Gordy the Ferocious.

To see the final version of Timothy’s Bath, click the following link or visit the PUBLISHED BOOK section of this website.


Book Promotion Happening for Limited Time Only (3/13-3/18)

BOOK PROMOTION going on NOW! For my new children’s book, “Timothy’s Bath,” there will be a LIMITED TIME offer to Amazon Prime members. From 3/13 – 3/18, Amazon Prime Members can obtain a copy of “Timothy’s Bath” for FREE!!! Go check it out. 🙂 I hope that special child in your life enjoys the book as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks!!