Just A Couple More

Hi to every one! It is good to be back.

I decided it was time to dust off this page and let my fingers grace the keyboard once more before I enter into old age.  And in case anyone is wondering- no, this is not a New Years resolution.

Thank you to all of the new followers that have flocked to this page over the past 4  -almost 5- years while I was away. It is a thrill to always know people have an interest to read what I write.

Why have I been gone so long?

To be utterly and completely honest, I needed a break from writing. I did have medical issues that kept me away from writing too. But I’m  happy to say even though I lost vision in the right eye, the vision in the left eye still remains after a few bouts of lasering and surgery. Before the medical decline in my vision I was working as a freelance writer. My main repertoire was article writing on various topics for various different content mills. You name it and I probably have written on the subject. Anyway, I felt like the creative batteries had drained and nothing was going to bring that hunger and creative passion back. Done, kaput, fried! Put a nail in my writing coffin and I was done. Article writing ruined the actual creative writing process for me. There was no thrill in it for me anymore.  So I simply stopped.

Over-time ,slowly, writing crept back into my heart. Suddenly, I found myself itching to write here and there and I begun thinking about new plots and characters. Writing is a part of my life again. I’m taking things slow. Dipping my toe into the writing world again instead of jumping full force in.

I have decided no more content mills or article writing. I am going to follow my love for story telling. Failure or success  doesn’t matter. Passion to create is the only thing that matters this time.

Buckle up for the ride, won’t you?.  It’s sure to be a bumpy one, but maybe along the way something beautiful and wonderful will happen.

-Thank you again for listening!