Novel Reviews

Behind Closed Doors

B.A. Paris


Behind Closed Doors is one of those novels that it is impossible to put down once reading begins. It is a fast paced, intriguing, suspenseful haunting novel all rolled into one. Every fiber of your being will tense up from the haunting drama that Paris creates within the pages. Print size for this book is large and consists of a total of 293 pages.

The novel starts out with the main characters, Jack and Grace, at their house. A dinner party with the neighbor couple is happening. Everything goes off pleasantly and on time without a hitch. Jack is an attorney and has never won a case. Grace is a home-maker per Jacks request. The novel switches from past to present experiences in each chapter.

To the outside world, everything in Grace’s life and marriage seems perfect. The two live in a beautiful house and have a happy and loving marriage. Or is it a smoke and mirrors trick? Jack and Grace get married and their honeymoon begins. Everything changes. Jack becomes an abusive and twisted individual. Graces’ days are spent living in a cement room with only a bed, no windows, and no access to open the door from the inside. Starved and emotionally abused, Grace desperately tries to escape when given the chance. Sadly, she is forced to stay with Jack after he threatens to hurt her sister, Millie, who is in a school for the disabled. But the real threat is when Jack creates a red room of torture for Graces’ sister and is planning to have Millie live with them.

That is when Grace says “enough is enough!” and creates a final plan of escape to save both her and Millie from Jacks evil world.

This is a must read novel. It leaves you with a devastating uneasy feeling long after the novel is finished. Paris brings a whole new haunting meaning to the phrase, ‘looks can be deceiving.’


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