Behind the Scenes

Timothy’s Bath  (March 12, 2012)

A lovable 5-year old bear named Timothy gets into adventurous messes of all sorts (from slippery frogs to mud sliding in Huntington Forrest). Timothy sneaks out during bath time to play with his friend, Wally the Moose. Timothy and Wally stir up trouble and Timothy learns a valuable lesson.

The idea is born:

“My 5-year old son was the original inspiration for this book.  It was a sunny weekend and I was busy cleaning the kitchen. I had told him to stay in the living room and play, so I could clean. In the midst of cleaning, I heard giggling. I turned to look in the hallway that connected the kitchen with the living room and I had saw a trail of baby powder on the floor. It ran all the way into the living room and surrounded my son. When I asked what he was doing, his reply was “I’m chasing the cats Ma!” We have two cats that he loves to play with. Anyway, while I was cleaning the mess, my mind was stuck on the events of the day and the trail of baby powder. My imagination drifted to a cuddly bear and the wheels started turning for a story that I thought would appeal to young children. I thought frolicking frogs would be more enticing and lively than baby powder, so I replaced the trail of baby powder with frogs hiding in the upstairs rooms. In the bathroom scene with Timothy and the mess of baby powder surrounding him that was my way of connecting my own personal memory of the earlier day’s adventure into the storyline of Timothy’s Bath.

A Few of Timothy’s Favorites Things:

  • Toast with honey and jam dribbled just right
  • The color red
  • His yellow squeaky duck, Herb
  • Favorite bugs are ants and fuzzy caterpillars
  • Blue lightning Tonka truck is a favorite toy
  • Snuggling with Mamma and fishing with Dad

Fun Facts

  • From story idea to final edit, Timothy’s Bath took 5-6 months to write.
  • The book was tucked away on Margaret’s desk for a month before a long list of edits and rewrites began.
  • Drawings and coloring took a total of 2 months
  • Color was added to the cover using acrylic paint. Inisde color was added with colored pencils.



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